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Nights in Tokyo
Life on Top of Hyde Park

TaikOz Duo: Tom Royce-Hampton & Anton Lock.


Tom became a member of TaikOz in 2007 after having completed two years of Advanced Study training. 

Since joining TaikOz, Tom has travelled to Japan to further his studies in Wadaiko, including workshops with the head of Miyake Daiko, Akio Tsumura and Onikenbai with Iwasaki Onikenbai. 

Tom completed a Bachelor of Music Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts School of Music majoring in Percussion.


Anton attended the Sydney Conservatorium High School and was the first student to perform on taiko for the HSC. He received top honours for his recital and was subsequently selected to open the proceedings at the Premier’s Awards at the Sydney Opera House Encore performance.

Anton received his first instruction from TaikOz members, as well as Fuun no Kai member - and past TaikOz member - Kenichi Koizumi.

Tom & Anton have traveled to Sado Island where they were taught Onikenbai,a traditional performing art of Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture by Yoshikazu Fujimoto of Kodo.